Smart WAN

Wide Area Networks

A WAN is a Wide Area telecommunication or computing Network. This network is the largest of its kind. This network has the capacity to be so large that is services customers across an entire nation or even internationally. The best example of a WAN is the Internet. The internet serves the telecommunication needs of millions of people. The internet is used for government service, business service and even personal home service. Small more specified networks often rely on the wide area network to connect to other networks and essentially the world. You may be familiar with MANS, which are Metropolitan area networks. These are also quite large and often intended for large scale public use. On a more specified and personal level we have PAN’s which are Personal Care Networks. These can be used for a small business or home use. Additionally you may be familiar with LANs. LAN’s are local area networks often servicing businesses.

Smart WAN

If you are looking for more stability and better performance in your Internet Connection then consider upgrading to a Smart WANA Smart WAN is an evolved WAN. As businesses have grown there needs have grown. Your business may have outgrown the common WAN to now require new technology. How do you know this? If your business has grown and if your business takes full advantage of the internet you may be experiencing lag time, partial downloads, or internet disconnects. These set you back and slow down your team. If you are looking for more stability and better performance you may consider upgrading to a smart WAN. Additionally it is important to note that Smart WAN’s are scalable. This means that the decision you make now will likely be able to accommodate your needs in the future.

As business owners it is important to consider the internet a tool that we can use to succeed. Do not be frustrated with your connection and service any longer. Make the change to the right service for you. I am proud to say that our knowledgeable and well trained team at Fast Blue World Wide is here to walk you through the process of selecting the correct and appropriate internet service for your visit. We offer a wide array of service options and we work with all of the leading business telecommunications providers. You can reach us by phone, email or online chat. We look forward to assisting you with any of your future telecommunications needs.

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