In late August of 2011, Verizon acquired a 3 year old start up, Burlington based company CloudSwitch. By doing this, Verizon is moving forward to redefine the Terremark enterprise cloud- based service that offers high levels of securities for applications and data. Verizon’s Terremark is one of the leaders in cloud Information Technology infrastructures and managed hosting services. It offers businesses the security of managed services, secure facilities, continuous power, customer support, and customized flexibility of data protection to meet your business needs.

Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud with CloudSwitch Software Protects Your Applications and Data

Terremark’s Enterprise Computing Cloud service is the benchmark by which all other providers are measured. Customers can feel confident now that they have world-class data centers that let businesses operate their vital applications in the cloud with high levels of security and professional services. The Enterprise Cloud includes the CloudSwitch software which integrates your data center with Verizon’s Terremark cloud computing services to deliver a gateway to the cloud. This allows a seamless expansion of your infrastructure. With its simple point to click apps, its existing tool management resources and the security of your data center with full encryptions and isolation, this lets you work right from the cloud without changes.

Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud with CloudSwitch software allows you to work with your applications in more cost effective ways, instead of the endless data center build out costs. It will automatically transfer all your existing applications and your new applications in the cloud, and will automatically integrate critical internal processes and management tools from within the cloud. It will offload non-critical applications to safeguard your data center resources and scale down applications when there’s a lot of traffic so it won’t change anything that you’re working on, therefore giving you the security your business can depend on.

Verizon’s Terremark enterprise cloud software is top priority for government agencies and enterprises, and they understand that the integrity, confidentiality, and vital information is secure and addresses these concerns with multiple layer security. The CloudSwitch Isolation layer which surrounds your complete cloud operation is at the core. Within the firewall all the applications and data are encrypted end to end all across the internet and within the Enterprise Cloud. Throughout the core they added physical security of data centers, with the most sophisticated tools, and services managed by certified security specialists.

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