InterCall Unified Meeting

InteCall Unified Meeting provides an easy to use, well-organized web conferencing solution with a simplified web-based management platform and an array of in meeting functionsWhether you are interested in working virtually with the best teams, remotely train employees or customers, or evaluating documents in real time InterCall Unified Meeting could be the right solution for you. In addition to cutting downtime and expensive traveling, InterCall Unified Meeting empowers you with a range of powerful conferencing tools such as desktop and application sharing, webcam usage for interactive meetings, and the ability to simply generate polls and quizzes.

InterCall Unified Meeting provides an easy to use, well-organized web conferencing solution with a simplified web-based management platform and an array of in meeting functions.

Participants have never had it easier. InterCall Unified Meeting does not require any downloads or plug-ins for meeting attendees and supports various operating systems and web browsers. If you’re tired of booking expensive flights, hotels, and venues, InterCall Unified Meeting could be the exact solution you’ve been searching for regarding sales presentations, product launches, training seminars, or other similar functions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Security: InterCall Unified Meeting meets and exceeds industry standards to keep your private meetings secure and protected. Improved security allows you to discuss business critical developments and updates knowing your meetings are safe and secure.
  • Reliability: InterCall Unified Meeting provides the reliability you need to keep your business productivity and performance high. With increased reliability and availability it’s easier than ever to communicate with coworkers and customers alike.
  • Reservationless: InterCall Unified Meeting provides a convenient solution to all your conferencing needs with simple scheduling tools for planned meetings and the increased accessibility of reservationless conferencing. With the convenience of a reservationless service you’re able to have a meeting whenever you need without advanced scheduling.
  • Simple Participation: InterCall Unified Meeting eliminates area for excuses from participants by not requiring any downloads
  • Web Management: InterCall’s easy to use web-based platform allows for simplified management during and following meetings. The web-based management tool allows you to adjust participant settings during meetings and further view statistics from previous meetings.

A Representative from Fastblue Networks is always available to discuss how we can help grow your business and answer any questions you may have about our products or services. Please call us at 888-972-BLUE or Click Here to let us know the best way to contact you.

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