Disaster Recovery as a Service and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, provides businesses with an effective approach to replicating and recovering information from your organizations servers.Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, provides businesses with an effective approach to replicating and recovering information from your organizations servers. According to IDC organizations today lose about $84,000 for every hour of downtime they experience. No two companies are the same, and it is necessary to build your backup storage based upon your organizations needs. There are many different backup solutions out there; here are some ways to ensure you are selecting the right cloud recovery service.

First, you must set your priorities. What is most important, Performance, space savings, or the cost of the service? This will help you determine which Cloud backup providers you choose to discuss the project with. Second, you must consider storage requirements, retention rate, and location. How much data will you need to replicate in the cloud? By determining which data is most important, and where it needs to be stored you will help shape the design of your Disaster Recovery. How long will the data need to be stored in the cloud? Some providers will hold your data for a month, while others will hold your data as long as you need (Based on personal requirements). Last, where is your business located?

Disaster Recovery is built to provide redundancy for your data in another geographical location. In doing so your data is safe from any sort of disaster, ensuring the accessibility of your data. Fastblue utilizes RapidScale, XO Communications, Earthlink, and CenturyLink/Savvis to supply fully managed servers for your data. Too many companies do not protect their data, assuming it is too expensive, or not wanting to invest in the technology. Disaster Recovery as a service is designed to replicate your VMWare servers and applications to the cloud, in order to store them securely in the event of an outage.

At Fastblue Networks we work with SAS 17, Tier 3 (Class 1) data centers that will meet your needs. With RapidScale’s automatically compliant HIPPA software you can be sure that your security needs are being met. Additionally, disaster recovery will provide you with multiple storage locations and resources off-site. Utilize our Instant Pricing tool today to look into our different service provider options. Fastblue Networks was formed in 2003, and has been serving our clients with Cloud services since our inception. By forming a solution that includes Voice, Data, and Cloud services we can build a solution based to your specific needs- Meeting all requirements for security and redundancy.

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First Published at Fastbluenetworks.com

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