Cloud Connection: The best methods for connecting to your Data Center or Cloud

The Data Center, and Cloud computing has become a central aspect for IT divisions in SMB and Enterprise companies alike. In doing so it has increased the amount of information that is being passed across the network, from one location to another. Internet connectivity has always been important, but its importance has increasingly become important, as bandwidth intensive applications have moved to the cloud. Which providers will best serve the interest of your Data Center? Which are going to provide the best speed at the best price? In this blog I will discuss some carrier differences, and how to find the right one for your needs.

Find out the right provider which will best serve the interest of your Data Center and provide you the best speed at the best price for your needs.First, determine how much data you are storing at your colocation or cloud facility to decide as to whether you need a private network, or could utilize a service such as VPN or MPLS. You may only have one server in the cloud, and if so, a VPN over Fiber Internet would serve your organization fine. When you begin to reach higher levels of usage in your Data Center, it is critical to reach your servers (And Applications) with dedicated services such as 10Mb Fiber, 100Mb Fiber, or 1Gb Fiber Internet to the data center.

Second, you must consider which carriers are on-net at your organizations address, and which carriers are on-net at your Cloud or Colocation facility. On net refers to whether or not a provider had services (Such as Fiber Internet) built directly into your building. When you leverage an on-net provider you directly connect to their network backbone, bypassing all other providers and removing the “last mile” access provider. This provides the fastest access to the carriers Internet services and can provide inexpensive Ethernet or Optical Internet access.

The use of a broker will make your life much easier. Through a broker you will gain instant access into which carriers are at or near your building, and what types of services each provider has available. Certain providers, such as TW Telecom are great for Point-to-Point circuits that connect a private network to your Data Center. TW has an on-net product called Dynamic Capacity. Dynamic Capacity allows you to burst your connection speed up to 30% of your allotted bandwidth. This is great when connecting to an off-site facility. A broker will also be able to leverage their carrier relationships to provide you with the best pricing possible. Try our Instant pricing tool below today!

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