RapidScale Cloud Server and Cloud Backup

RapidScale Cloud Server and Cloud Backup are two products that have been able to increase the scalability and accessibility of server technology for enterprises. Through the utilization of Data Centers across the United States, RapidScale is able to provide a geographically diverse location to store your data. The Cloud Server product comes under a few different names, Cloud Recovery, Infrastructure as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Cloud Backup. Through Fastblue Networks, and RapidScale your data will be safe in the cloud.

RapidScale Cloud Server and Cloud Backup are two products that have been able to increase the scalability and accessibility of server technology for enterprises. Click Here to Get Connected.

Cloud Server, or Infrastructure as a Service eliminates the Capital Expenditure of new server hardware. Through a Cloud Server, you have accessibility to the latest software and hardware stored in a secure Data Center. Rather than paying an upfront fee, users have a subscription-based service where they pay based on usage. This creates an elastic service that allows the customer to scale up or down based upon their individual needs. The customer has the ability to control all aspects of their server, including applications, storage, and operating system.

Cloud Server pricing is based upon power, storage, and CPU/RAM. Through this methodology, each customer is given a unique service based upon the needs of their organization.

Cloud Backup, or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) provides organizations with an effective method of offloading their data to a secure off-site location. DRaaS has become an effective solution for companies that are still backing up on tape, and need to move the tape to a secure location. Since RapidScale will replicate the Data in a diverse location, it will be protected against any natural disasters.

RapidScale was founded in 2008. Since its creating it has seen year over year growth. In 2012 RapidScale grew 300%, adding partners such as Fastblue and many more. RapidScale offers other Cloud Computing services such as Cloud Desktop, Cloud Office, and additional mobile Cloud products.

Fastblue Networks and RapidScale became partners in 2012. Since then the relationship has continued to grow, with a great deal of clients joining the team. Fastblue has positioned itself to not only provide network services, but to provide the entire suite of Telco products. Fastblue is able to provide Voice, Internet Connectivity, and Cloud Services to create a quality solution. As cable companies infringe on traditional Telecom markets, service providers will be forced to sell cloud services. Fastblue is at the forefront of this revolution. Want pricing? Let’s talk!

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