InterCall Unified Meeting Service

In this article I would like to introduce you to a tool that will soon become one of the most useful applications in your business interactions.InterCall Unified meeting service is a phone and video conferencing service complete with tons of extra features that will not only make work easier and more efficient but will impress your colleagues and clients around the globe.

InterCall Unified meeting service can be used in so many ways. Consider using the service while you are traveling to connect back with your headquarters office. You will get a much better sense of what is going on in all corners of your business when you have the ability to hear and see your employees while chatting about updates. Also, try using InterCall Unified meeting service to hold monthly meetings with clients. You can stay in touch and keep them abreast of project progress without taking time away from the actual project to travel to meetings. You can even use InterCall Unified meeting service to bring two separate clients together. Uniting clients is a great way to develop new exciting projects and create more work without bringing in new contacts. And, of course, you can use InterCall Unified meeting service to connect internally in your own office. Conduct a meeting with the head of accounting and the main creative contact on a project. This will help you to streamline and disseminate information to everyone at once. InterCall Unified meeting service can help you to prevent misunderstandings because everyone can join in on one meeting and no one is receiving information secondhand. On the same note, simply seeing a person’s face while they are speaking prevents misunderstandings as well. With just this one tool you can make your meetings more effective and less time consuming.

The features that come with InterCall Unified Meeting Service are some of the most advance around. But, they are simple and streamlined and specifically designed for beginning users. You can easily create customized meeting room workspaces. If you like to use a white board during your meetings you can bring a virtual white board into the meeting room for all participates to see. If you prefer power point presentations you can display those as well. You can even walk participants through a web search or computer program by showing them your desktop screen in live time.

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